Baptism Battle Cry [a spoken word piece during a slideshow of baptismal candidates]

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - May 21, 2022

This dates been on the calendar, marked since before time began.

A day of celebration for three who choose the might of the light, over darkness. To serve the great I Am.

Today, arrived that date, angels gathered, none were late.

And one by one they went, into the watery grave, for but a moment, before being raised, for the save.

And the heavens rejoiced, as each joined the army of love, as they rose like a dove, to fly with the Father. Who’s given the One, his own son.

  • There was Ruth, standing for truth, under the roof of the I Am.
  • And Alexandra, helper of mankind, as a sign, Joined to the vine of the I Am
  • And there was Hope, by name and by claim, who's rope now braids to the I Am

But this day was just the beginning.

For the dragon of darkness lurks, and smirks, as he looks to destroy this bond with light.

The road from here will be stained and get sour, as the dragon seeks to distract, if not devour.

All in effort to hurt the one who created us, loves us, died for us.

The girls will need to fight to keep their light, through the night, as the storms arrive and darkness is easier to maintain, with no flame.

But as these girls, hold strong, in mind and actions, through the gale force temptations and distractions, there’ll be joy in the morning.

And arrives that day, where they say the spiritual armor of the army of love will be replaced with a crown. No more shall they frown.

For At the feet of the One. We shall all gather, together. And forever cry: Holy, Holy, Holy!

But until that day comes, there’ll be a cost, some days you’ll feel lost in the frost of life.

But remember this day to keep in the zone, mark in your phone, you... are not.... alone!


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