David Attenmother [Mother's day skit admiring mothers]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - May 7, 2022

Narrator speaks like David Attenborough


Mime's actions

Humans, are among the most vastly varied, creature, in the world.


And one other is more remarkable in the human species than… the mother.


Here we can see a mother busy at work in their nest, tidying up after her family.


While all members of the family take part in messing up the nest, in most cases, it is the mother who is found piecing it back together again.


One exception to this is perhaps the task of emptying the garbage, which is usually taken care of by the male.


Though it is often the mother who has to remind the male, to ensure their one task is seen to in time.


Mother’s have been known to work so hard in their nest that they sometimes tire themselves out.


And it is then that the male of the family usually steps in… [pause] and orders takeaway.



A mother’s nurturing of their offspring most commonly begins after a private, and somewhat brief mating encounter with a male.


It is from then on the mother’s life is never the same again.

First, her body undergoes many changes in size, cravings, and emotional swings.

Many at this time, live in a constant nauseous state.

This is thought to be a way to help accustom the male for the sights and smells to be encounter from their children in the years ahead.


As the expectant mother eats, she ends up feeding the young one who’s inside her. She will do this for several months, until she deems the child’s size is finally larger than the canal the baby must exit though.


This of course means this birthing process will bring a high level of pain to the mother. In fact, the pain is said to be so high, that if it were males giving birth with this pain level, the human race would have died out soon after they formed.


Once the child is born, the mother’s instincts kick in, and she soon begins the feeding, and burping process… [pause] of the child.


In some cases a mother has to raise a child on her own, without a males assistance.


These mothers adapt in extraordinary ways to survive as they raise their children on their own. 


Even more sobering is how tragically some mothers lose their young before they can grow old. And for various reasons, usually outside of their control, other females never have children at all.




These interruptions to the usual child raising process, are thought to have evolved soon after the first humans were formed, though there are signs such tears for these occurrences will soon be wiped away for millions of years into the future, if not eternity.


While the mothers are outstanding in seemingly every way compared to their male counterpart, the males do have one title they hold over mothers.


Compared to almost all the other species in the world, the human males are the only creatures to have an appearance that is significantly more dreary than the female’s beauty.


There can be no doubt, that a mother is indeed, one of the most valuable roles of the human race. Because of this, once a year the world pauses to give a token thanks to mothers by celebrating a Mother’s day.

This day has evolved into a day of breakfasts in bed, flowers, cards and gifts of potent smelling soaps.



Appreciation of mothers could someday evolve into a more frequent demonstration of thanks, but at this rate such changes will take millions of years indeed.


For now, at least, we have Mother’s day – and that’s a good start in the human effort to say…. Thank you mums.




Mother enters

Mother mimes vacuuming in one hand, putting things away in the other


Father comes sits on couch, watches TV




Mother animated, gestures several times for the rubbish to be taken out, standing in front tv, father looks around her to watch tv until he understand what’s going on. Watches TV as he exits



Mother flows on couch



Father walks back in, see’s she’s tired, has idea, makes phone call



usband holds up a blanket they hide behind, mother puts a doll under her jumper to look pregnant,



…then blanket lowered



Mother spews in bucket, husband screws up noes has holds bucket


Mother starts eating and eating, checks tummy size, eats some more.

Checks again then looks startled by reality at audience.


Gives non-excited plain ‘OW’ and husband makes a pop sound. Mum pulls out doll.



 Mother eats and makes a burp sound herself….

…Then slightly embarrassed to audience, it was meant to be the child burping


Father leaves


 Mother rocks baby.



Mother puts’ away child



Mother, standing at attention, bows her head in reverence for a moment.





 Mother raises head and smiles at audience

Father struts in triumphantly and puffs up his chest, has gift bag but doesn’t draw attention to it.



Father smile turns to confusion



Father sniff an elusive smell, and check their shoes to see if they stepped in anything? Then check gift bag. Puffs cheeks and gives the bag at arms length to mother.



Father gives a little hug and goes back to the TV.



Grabs mans hand and leads him out the back room. 


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