Rule of Love [script]

A play for two, suggesting Jesus ruled with love - and that's a better idea then domination and revenge.
Has a science fiction theme and a fun list of song titles used as dialogue toward the end.

NOTE: This is a standalone script but also has the same characters as a preceding "Bible Heroes 2.oh" si-fi script that explores how the Bible heroes were only powerful because they had God's power behind them. 


X-on: Commander Zorg, I have those planet destroyer blueprints you asked for. 

Zorg: [very sad] Just stick them over there.

X-on: Sir? What’s up? You look terrible - and not in an ‘evil villain’ kind of way.

Zorg: Everybody hates me

X-on: Sir, that’s not true!... Not everybody knows you!

Zorg: You’d think with my wealth, my galaxy domination, my swift revenge on those who disagree with me – You’d think people would be in awe of me! I mean, no one is greater than I in the universe, and yet, everybody hates me.

X-on: Maybe, sir, and if I may speak frankly, maybe that’s not the kind of hero people want.

Zorg: Yeah, what kind of hero to you think people want?

X-on: Maybe you need to try being like…. that Jesus-God guy

Zorg: Oh?? How did he awe people into submission? Was it with lightning? 

X-on: Err no

Zorg: Flashy light sabre manoeuvres?

X-on: No

Zorg: Tax cuts????

X-on: NO, he used humility… service…. And… love.

Zorg: Humility, service and…. what?

X-on: Love.

Zorg: Well that sounds ridiculous. You’d never get anyone following you if you ruled with love. 

X-on: He sure did. Lasting for millenniums so far, and growing.

Zorg: But everyone would walk all over you! Surely he shows some kind of ruthless power and control to get so many subscribers?

X-on: Nope, that’s not how he did it.

Zorg: He used A crazy little thing called love?

X-on: Endless love!

Zorg: All you need it love?

X-on: Love is the answer

Zorg: What the world needs now is love?

X-on: Love makes the world go round! 

Zorg: I wanna know what love is.

X-on: God

Zorg: God?

X-on: With a capital G

[start to exit]

Zorg: I wish I had somebody to love. How deep is your love, X-on? Do you, Love me Tender?

X-on: As long as you keep paying me, I-ee-i will always love you, sir. 

Zorg: Excellent!


Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Camp @ Crosslands - October 29, 2022


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