A Wonderful Journey [children's story action poem]

 Life’s a wonderful journey – you just need to look and see.

The joy is all around you - buzzing like a bee.


You’ll find there’s bunny rabbits – and bouncing Kangaroos

And tweeting sweet canaries – and ruckus cockatoos


There’s flitter flutter Butterflies - and high up soaring eagles

Bouncing pouncing Kittens - and sniffing snuffing beagles


There’s Rivers flowing gently, and waterfalls that thunder 

Sunsets shining sweetly - and starry skies of wonder


Cheery Daisies sprouting - and the majestic smelling rose

Juicy luscious mangoes – and crispy potatoes

Music filling airwaves – making wondrous harmony sound

We can run and jump and roll - and go dancing round and round

There’s friends we meet all over - to hang out with for fun 

To go play tag together or swimming when there’s sun

And then of course there’s Family, who love us on our journey

Some with booming laughter, and others with faces ferny

Now, sometimes on our journey – it can get so very sad

Though God is always with us - when things go scary bad

You may not see God’s there - when you’re blinded by some trouble

But he’ll be there beside you - even when you’ve burst your bubble


And when our Jesus returns - and re-makes all things new

Our wonderful journey won’t end - we’ll simply continue

And forever we will live - no dying, not even spew. 

Our wonderful journey’s together - with God, and me and you.


[You know what were missing? - ACTIONS - How about you stand up and this time you do the actions to the poem for me. ]


Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church World Adventurer Day service May 20, 2023


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