Persevering Puppets [puppet script on perseverance]

[Three puppets: Kelly, Strawberry, and Zinc.]

Act One: 

Human: I wonder what Kelly and Strawberry are up to today? Should we call them out, kids?

[Call out for them to appear]

Human: Hello Strawberry and Kelly, what are you guys up to today?

Strawberry: We’re running a race with Zinc today

Human: Oh? Where’s Zinc? Should we call out Zinc, kids?

[Call out Zinc, comes out on third call]

Human: Hi Zinc, are you running in this race with Kelly and Strawberry?

Zinc: I sure am. Were running from here to the beach!

Human: Wow, that’s sounds like a really long way from here. You’ll need a lot of perseverance to run that far. 

Zinc: Well that’s a coincidence because I happen to be a perseverance expert!

Human: Oh really?

Zinc: (Confidently) Absolutely! I'm the most persevering puppet around. No one can out persevere me!

Kelly: (Curiously) That's impressive, Zinc. But remember, perseverance means never giving up, even when things get tough.

Zinc: (Dismissively) Don't you worry, Kelly. I never give up. Watch and learn!

Human: Ok, well, have a good race! Should we start their race, kids?  Ready….. Set….

Zinc: WAY, WAY, WAIT!! I need to tie up my shoe…

[head disappears for a moment, the pops up again] 

Zinc: Ok, ready.

Human: Let’s try again. Ready….. Set….

Zinc: WAY, WAY, WAIT!! Do you girls know the way?

Strawberry: Yes Zinc, just follow us.

Zinc: Ok, ready.

Human: OK. Ready….. Set……….GO!!!

[all start bobbing up and down as if running, Zinc out front. Human walks backwards away from puppets.]

Zinc: oh, this is easy! Look at me run…..phew, so… how far is it to the finish line at the beach from here?

Kelly: It’s about 4 kilometres  


Kelly: Yup, and then the finish line is at the end of the jetty

Zinc: (Struggling and slowing a little) I can't run that far!

Kelly: (overtakes, but says encouragingly, before disappearing) Come on, Zinc! You can do it. Persevere, remember!

Zinc: (Disheartened and comes to a stop) It's too far, Kelly. I don't think I can make it.

Strawberry: (overtakes, but says supportively, before disappearing) Don't give up, Zinc! Perseverance means pushing through and continuing, even when it's challenging.

[Zinc hesitates but then takes a deep breath and gives it another try.]

Zinc: (Determined) Ok, I won't give up! I can make it. See you at the finish line, kids!

Human: [back at the main microphone position] Let’s check back later kids, and see if Zinc persevered and made it to the finish line or if he gave up.

Act Two:

Human: So I wonder if Zinc made it to the finish line at the beach? Lets call him out and find out.

[Call out Zinc 3 times, doesn’t’ come out…]

Human: Oh dear, maybe he didn’t persevere. Let’s see if Kelly and Strawberry made it to the finish line.

[Call out Kelly and Strawberry]

Human: You made it!

Strawberry: Yes. Wow that WAS a long way!

Human: Have you seen Zinc? We called him out 3 times but he didn’t come….

Kelly: OH, no, we haven’t seen him at the finish line. I don’t think he persevered. We haven’t seen him.
[Zinc comes jogging (bobbing) into view slowly, puffing.] 

Human: Here comes Zinc everyone – give him a big cheer!

Zinc: I did it, [puff puff] I DID IT!

Kelly: Great job, Zinc! 

Strawberry: You really showed perseverance, Zinc. You did it!

Zinc: Thank you, Kelly and Strawberry. I couldn't have done it without your encouragement. I've learned a valuable lesson today.

Strawberry: (Curiously) What have you learned, Zinc?

Zinc: (Thoughtfully) Whenever I wanted to give up, I just needed to focus on the goal of reaching the finish line, and that really help me to persevere. 

Kelly: (Intrigued) That's like what the Bible says in Hebrews chapter 12,  that we need to run our race in life with perseverance, and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Strawberry: (Encouragingly) So, when we face obstacles and challenges, we can keep going, knowing that Jesus is with us every step of the way.

Zinc: (Inspired) Exactly! No matter how tough the race of life gets, I'll keep persevering and keep my eyes on Jesus.

Kelly: (Proudly) That's it, Zinc! With perseverance and Jesus by your side, you can get through hard times.

Strawberry: (Smiling) Let's remember this lesson, and encourage each other to persevere in everything we do.

Zinc: (Confidently) Together, we can all run the race of life with perseverance by keeping our eyes looking at Jesus!

Human: That’s wonderful. What a great lesson. 

All Puppets: see you later kids!


Performance: Coffs Harbour Seventh-day Adventist Church, July 22, 2023



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