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Aug 24, 2015

Novel One-liners

Just for fun, here's a collection of opening sentences from novels Scott will never complete (phew).

Love Story

As our lips connected for the first time the beating of our hearts syncopated like an African bongo drumming lesson by tourists who had no real rhythm and stunk of sweat from the hours spent crammed on a non-airconditioned safari mini-bus that broke down near the warthog graveyard earlier that day.

Working class girl

As Mavis pushed and pulled the vacuum pipe back and forth an asthmatic cloud of dust particles filled the sun lit room making breathing an unpleasant chore but one which still had to be done or she'd die.

Aug 19, 2015

From Bable to Bible

CQ Q3 2015
Biblical Missionaries - August 19, 2015

How To
Matt. 12:15-18

At first glance, cross-cultural mission work may seem daunting and impractical.

The tower of Bable is a fine example of how different cultures, or at minimum, having language barriers, can create a less than ideal working environment.

Despite the perceived difficulties of attaining cultural fusion, our loving God desires to have people of every culture saved for eternity, and so we should be driven to connect to those outside our own culture. Here are some concepts that may help successfully build connections with an alternate culture.

Aug 17, 2015

The Forgiving Principal

Brief: A drama on the topic of Forgiveness for a school chapel.
Written: Scott Wegener and the Edinburgh College drama class

Performance: Edinburgh College Chapel - August 17, 2015

The main speaker gets up to begin a talk on forgiveness but, before they have a chance to indicate what the day’s topic is the principal enters the room boldly and walks up on stage and takes over.

Principal: [Directed at the computer operator: holds up a USB stick or memory card]
Can you come and put these pictures up on the screen.
Sorry to interrupt but there has been a serious incident, involving some students and my car this morning.

[Waits for pictures to appear on the screen.]

We think we know who did this however, as a gesture of good will, if these people are gutsy enough to own up and come up the front and apologies, I am willing to forgive them without consequence.

Otherwise, this will be your last day at our school.

[Slight awkward pause… then Laura gets up, slowly walks to the front and stops, without getting up on stage, and looks down at their own feet]

Aug 8, 2015

Forgiving Confrontation

Brief: A short drama on the topic of forgiveness.
Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - August 8, 2015 

[A person walks across stage, kind of looking behind them occasionally, as if to see if anyone is following them. One time, he returns his gaze forwards and there stands Jesus in front of them.]

Sinner: [jumps back] Whoa! I didn’t see you there. You scared me.

Jesus: [calmly] What are you up to?

Sinner: Oh.... nothing... Just going for a walk.

Jesus: Really? At 2am?

Sinner: Oh, is that the time, WOW, guess I’d better be heading home.

Jesus: Where have you been?

Sinner: Nowhere...just walking around. Looking for owls. Beautiful birds.


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