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Sep 1, 2011

The Greatest Sporting Comeback

Signs of the Times, September 2011.
There’s no shortage of remarkable sporting comebacks throughout history. Teams, or individuals, who fall so far behind at one point it seems impossible for them to win - yet through sheer determination, luck or a collapse by their opponents, they do. Down Under has taken part in our fair share of comebacks in the sporting arena, or collapses, as it may be. Here’s but a few of the greatest, and most tragic.

In the 1999 Rugby World Cup semifinal the French overran a powerful New Zealand side, which included the seemingly unstoppable Jonah Lomu. Though France was down 10-24 in the second half, in 30 minutes they scored 33 points, taking out the game 43-31.

Jul 23, 2011

Jesus' Soldiers

 Performance: Warburton Seventh-day Adventist Church - July 23, 2011
The brief given to Scott: A short play about Jesus death through the eyes of the soldiers.

Act 1: At the cross

Two soldiers are sitting back to back resting, both physically and emotionally tired - about an hour after Jesus was taken down from the cross.

Eve Remembers

Performance: Warburton Seventh-day Adventist Church - July 23, 2011
The brief given to Scott: A short play about how the world came into sin.

ABEL: Are you ok Mummy?  Why are you crying?

EVE: I’m ok, Abel. [Sniffs and swallows] I was just thinking about when we used to live in the Garden of Eden. Life was so much easier than now. I didn’t have to make all these clothes.
Your dad and I could be together all day, but now he has to go out and work all the time.

CAIN: Tell us what it was like in the garden, Mum.

May 1, 2011

Someone else, read this

Scott Wegener decides to let someone else do the hard work.

Signs of the Times, May 2011.

These days, you don’t have to look too far or too hard to find an example of “outsourcing.” From couples contracting surrogate mothers to businesses using a call centre in a country where the primary language is not that of the customer’s, it’s all about getting someone—or something—else to do a job for us.

While we’re getting closer, we have yet to reach outsourcuration (is that a word?). But I’m sure somewhere in the world there are scientists working on ways to outsource maths exams, flossing and prostate checks.

Apr 22, 2011

Destination Dizzyland

 Performances: Lower Primary - "Big Camp", Victoria April 2011
and Warburton Seventh-day Adventist Church - July 23, 2011

The brief given to Scott: A series of 5 short plays themed around a 'plane trip to heaven', including specifically: Why we want to leave, How we get a ticket, Who is the Pilot, The journey and the final destination.

ACT 1: The Dream

SCOTTIE:     Hey Alex, do you ever dream of going to Dizzyland?

ALEX:         No. I love the park. It has both a swing AND a seesaw!

SCOTTIE:     (Puzzled) A Swing . . . and a seesaw?

Mar 26, 2011

Winner: 2011 Best Original Written Piece

Signs Award - Manifest 2011
March 26, 2011

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific has honoured its creative artists at the inaugural Manifest Creative Arts Festival.

Manifest, coordinated by the church through Adventist Media Network (AMN) and Avondale College, in 2011 focused on filmmaking; song composing; and writing.

Scott Wegener received the Signs Award, in the category of Writing,  for “Know misunderstandings.” The article uses humorous misunderstandings to challenge the reader about the beliefs with which they identify.

AMN chief executive officer Neale Schofield affirmed creatives in his keynote by reminding them their gift can “revolutionise” the spreading of the gospel. “You may feel the church is not ready for you,” he said. “Well, the world is. Take this as a signal God wants you to do something much bigger in your life.”

Another of the festival’s speakers, Adventist writer Kay Rizzo, the author of 58 books, added. “Creativity will happen, whether we support it or not, so why should we lose it to the world?”
(Adapted from: record.net.au )

Know Misunderstanding

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to use a hairdresser you can understand.  There was a time when I regularly visited a local hairdresser for convenience sake, even though I could hardly understand his strong European accent. In fact, I found him so hard to understand that I had to ask him to repeat every question.
After a few visits I found myself starting to guess what he was asking, which usually turned out ok. However, one time I was truly baffled when he asked “Zurimeiwows?”

Feb 28, 2011

Sport on a Pool Table

All game rules were designed and written up by Scott Wegener in this innovative series of games that can be played on a pool table.
Games designed, and rules written, include:
  • Bowls Pack: Lawn Bowls, Crown Green Bowls, Bocce & Curling
  • Bats Pack: Test Match Cricket, One-day Cricket, Twenty20 Cricket & French Cricket
  • Nets 'N' Racquets Pack: Singles and Doubles of Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Squash & Racquet Ball
  • Sticks Pack: Golf, Mini Golf & Driving Range

Feb 5, 2011

Good Thinking

If your mind challenged your arm to an arm wrestle, your mind would beat the arm every time
 CQ, Lesson 6, 2011
Phil 4:8

Our mind is the most powerful part of our body. If your mind challenged your arm to an arm wrestle your mind would beat the arm every time – if it chose to. Your thoughts can simply put your arm to reverse and "THUMP" - the score is Mind 1, Arm 0.

Jan 4, 2011

Camporee's (Silly) Survival Tips

2011 Australia Union Conference Pathfinder (like scouts) Camporee Newsletter
Surviving a Long Parade
1.       Bring some tent poles and ropes to help secure yourself in the standing position.
2.       If a fly is bothering you and you can't move your hands, flex the muscles behind your hairs, the ones that power your goose bumps, and swat it that way when it lands on you.
3.       Need to go to toilet, dismiss yourself, and march to behind the parade marshals as if you have an important duty to perform, and when out of site, run for a tree!
4.       If it’s a hot day, put an open water bottle in your hat beforehand, hold your head high but when you want a drink tilt it forward and let it run down your noes and catch it with tongue.
5.       If you can feel your Leg falling asleep, cough loudly to wake it up.
6.       If hungry, search around your teeth for any bits of food missed by your toothbrush. If you haven't brushed your teeth, the nice thing to do is share with those around you.
7.       If you can't tell which foot you're meant to be on when marching to or from parade, just hop continuously and you'll be right at least half the time.


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