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Aug 2, 2014

Got Jesus at the Heart?

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - August 2, 2014
A short skit on the theme of the acronym H.O.P.E.

(Note: This drama is essentially a squeal to the Got Love skit, and the 'whistle' reference is in relation to the  Major Encouragement skits.)

Mum and Scott walk in, Girl on stage seated already reading a My Edge Mag.

[Mum] Oh wonderful, we've beaten the Jones! Go take a seat down the front, where everyone will be able to see my new coat. I'll go see if there's any bread left over in the hall...

[Scott] Yes mum

[Scott sits, starts reading a bulletin, mutters to self] Hope. H. O. P. E.  OK?  H. H is for hospitality. Hospitality. Right. How can I be hospitalityish? Well, mum always says to offer our guests a drink, guess I could to that.

[Scott looks at Girl] Hi.........Wanna drink?

[Girl] Oh... ok, sure.

[Scott mutters] Great, now I need to get up go all the way out and grab a drink. I probably lose my seat. It was just getting warm too. She could have brought a drink bottle. How hard it is to bring a drink bottle. “Here you go”.

Aug 1, 2014

Snort Funny

Faced with impending death by laughter, Scott Wegener pulls an emergency release valve. 
Signs of the Times, August 2014

What best describes your laugh?
When someone slips on a banana peel, do you release small machine gun busts of laughter, or do you sound like a hysterical turkey? Maybe you’re a giggler, or perhaps you let off a series of rhythmic booms? Or maybe the only evidence you’re having a laugh is the Morse code of air being expelled out your nose. Then again, you could be dangerously at the top of the laughter tree – a snorter.
I read somewhere* that the existence of snorting in laughter actually prevents the human race from total annihilation!


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