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Dec 19, 2020

Christmas Cross ['Breaking news' skit]

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online Christmas service - December 19, 2020

1 Newsreader
Tonight on Channel B news:
• Traffic chaos on the D1, as census travellers come to town.
• Accommodation lockout, as the inns fill up city-wide.
• Parliament requests ideas, for an end of year religious festival.
• Bethlehem Broncos name their new coach.
• And one puppy’s lucky escape from falling down a well.
But first to breaking news.
A bright light has been seen in our sky tonight.
We cross now to Edison for more on this breaking story.

EDISON: Thanks Rachel. Yes, a bright light has mysteriously appeared over Bethlehem tonight.
I’m here with the head of the astronomy task force, Galileo.
So, what is this light we can see in the sky tonight?

GALILEO: We don’t know, actually.

EDISON: I’m sorry? You don’t know what the bright light is?

GALILEO: No. There’s nothing on our scrolls that show something like this should be appearing in the sky tonight. In fact, we’ve never seen something this bright in the night sky before. We’re very excited.
[holds a dull, not excited face for 3 seconds]

EDISON: Yes, of course you are.… well there you have it, there’s no bright ideas here, back to you, Rachel.

3 Newsreader
Thanks, Edison.
We now cross to Barbra, who is with a shepherd who saw something else in the sky tonight. What’s the story, Barbra?

BARBRA: Yes, Rachel, I’m here with Germain, who is a professional sheep watcher. Tell me, what did you see tonight?

GERMAIN: I was just counting my sheep, and getting a little tired, you know, but then this bright light appeared. Scared me sheepless. It was an angel, and he told me a messiah was born, and that I’d find him lying in a manger.

BARBRA: And did you find this messiah?

GERMAIN: Not yet. I have a lost sheep at the moment, but as soon as I find her, I wool go look for this messiah.

BARBRA: There you have it: a shepherd, an angel and a Messiah. Seems the grass really is greener out here. Back to you, Rachel.

5 Newsreader
An interesting development indeed, thank ‘ewe’…. Baaarbra
Let’s cross to our political correspondent at Herod’s palace and see what the government know about this. Washington, what have you found out?

WASHINGTON: Yes, Rachel, I was here earlier when some wise men from the east visited King Herod. They too mentioned this messiah, and that made Herod furious. I hadn’t seen him so angry since someone parked in his chariot space last Wednesday.
I have Herod’s personal priest here. Pablo, can you confirm where the messiah is to be born?

PABLO: Yes. According to the prophet Micah, he will be born in Bethlehem. [waves to camera] Hi mum!

WASHINGTON: Well, there you have it. It does appear this little town will bring the messiah to the world.
Now, Herod has sent these wise guys out to find the baby, and asked them to report back where the child is, so that he may “worship” him also.
From what I can tell though, if they do tell Herod where he is, that will be the end of the baby, because you know Herod, he’s known for killing anyone who might take over his throne.

7 Newsreader
[cuts off]
We interrupt our political reporter because we’ve just located a wise man who was at Herod’s palace. Let’s now cross to Fien-stine, what have you found out?

FIENSTINE: Yes, Rachel, I’m here with Solomon, who says he’s travelled many months following this bright light, which has led him to Bethlehem.
Tell me Solomon, who is it you hope to find here tonight?

Nov 1, 2020

So Thirsty [puppet play about thirsting for somethgin more: Jesus]

  Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - November 14, 2020

Psalm 63. Thirsting for Jesus. The temptations of this world, very subtly mentioned in this play, just don't satisfy like our living water, Jesus, does.

[ Derick Dealer and Thirsty Theo walk up to each other]

Derick: [cheery] G'day mate

Theo: [sad] Hi

Derick: What’s up with you?

Theo: I’m really thirsty!

Derick: Thirsty? Why is that? What have you been doing?

Theo: Dunno. I was just driving around the city all day in my new BMW 7 series and... I didn't think I could be, but... now I’m thirsty.

Derick: Hmm, did you get out of your car at all?

Theo: Yeah?

Derick: We’re you wearing a hat?

Theo: Yeah?

Derick: Oh. Well what kind?

Theo: A Rabbitohs cap. [insert popular local sports team that can't seem to win a grand final - or the pastors team]

Derick: Oh... I see!

Theo: What?

Derick: Well that’s not going to help your thirst.
Say, do you like chips?

Theo: Sure do.

Derick: I got some salt and vinegar chips here. They should help take your mind off your worries. Drown your sorrows.

Theo: Thanks man, you’re the greatest!
Mmmmm, nice. You’re right!

Oh... now I have even more thirst hanging over me!

Derick: Oh, well... want some corn chips?

Theo: Can’t say no! They look so appealing. More exciting than what I get at home. Don’t tell my wife! Thanks.
Oh yeah, this is awesome....
Oh... now I’m even MORE thirsty, and I feel all dirty!!

Derick: Oh, well, are you a gambling man? You could try these pretzels?

Theo: Oh sure, they could solve all my problems, thanks mate.
Oh no, those pretzels are just making me more thirsty.

Derick: Maybe you need something harder, like these little chilis.

Theo: Whoa what are you doing with those!?
No way, I’m not into that kind of thing.
I've heard too many stories of the after effects.

Derick: You’re tough to satisfy, aren’t you.
I guess you could try some water?

Theo: Water? That doesn’t sound very exciting.

Derick: I’ve heard it’s good for you.

Theo: I dunno. It’s not very MANly is it.

Derick: I know. But a lot of people around the world insist it’s the greatest thing.

Theo: But we’ve evolved so much better stuff.
I can’t see how time old water can compare.

Derick: There a lot of debate about that, yes.

Theo: And some get too immersed in water and drown, don’t they?

Derick: Some do go too far and lose themselves in it, yes.

Theo: And I’ve seen in the news some water is really polluted? Especially hurting children?

Derick: Yeah, what people do with water can certainly be harmful.

Theo: Heeey? Hang on. Have we REALLY been talking about water this whole time?

Derick: Mmmmaybe.

Theo: Ok, ok. Let me try water?

Derick: Don't have any, sorry.

Theo: What!??

Derick: Hey there’s a pastor, he’s got water. He must know how to find water.

Theo: Cool thanks.

[start to walk off separate directions]

Derick: I hope you find something to satisfy your thirst!

--- [either continue with the following or have it as a second act, perhaps after sermon]  ---

Theo: Hey, excuse me Pastor, do you know where I can get some water? I’m just so thirsty!

Pastor: I do, here you go [hands Bible]

Theo: [confused] Thanks?? [stares at Bible, then stares at camera -fade]

Oct 24, 2020

In Love [skit about motives for a relatioinship with God, and/or keeping the Sabbath]

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - Postponed

Four men come out of a flower shop, in turns one after the other. A Reporter with microphone interviews them each as they come out.

Reporter: Good morning ladies and gentlemen, today we’re at the local florist and we’re surveying some blokes reported to be buying flowers for their wife every week. We want to find out what it is that drives these guys to do such a lovely thing every weekend for their wife.
Hello Sir, could you tell us, why have you bought flowers for your wife this week?

1: Because I’ve been bad, actually. 

Reporter: Oh really?

1: Yeah, and if I don’t get her some flowers, I fear she might get very angry at me! And I’ve heard stories about how angry my wife can get, back in the old days. So I get flowers for her each week.

Reporter: So you’re just trying to keep her calm?

1: That’s it! I think it’s working so far.

Reporter: OH, I see. Well… best of luck with that.
Hello Sir, could you tell us, why have you bought flowers for your wife this week?

Oct 10, 2020

The Peacemaker [Puppet play with Abbot and Costello feel]

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - Oct 10, 2020



[Alex] Well hello children! Today I’d like to talk to you about something called peacemaking. Now…

[Costa] Hey! Alex!  Have you seen my baseball bat?

[Alex] Well hello Costa, say I was just telling the children here we’ll be talking about peacemaking today

[Costa] You were talking to the children?

[Alex] Yes I was?

[Costa] Well I don’t see no children?

[Alex] No, there’s no children here.

[Costa] Well then how are you talking to the children if there’s no children? Huh!?

[Alex] Well no, the children are watching us from the camera

[Costa] There’s children in the camera? We’d better get them out. They’ll make a mess in there.

[Alex] No no no, they’re not IN the camera. The camera is recording us and the children will be watching us on the Internet.

[Costa] On the internet?

[Alex] That’s it.

[Costa] We that’s terrible!

[Alex] Why is that terrible

[Costa] You can’t have children on the internet unattended – that’s a a very dangerous place for a child to be unattended.

[Alex] Oh well I’m sure they have their parents with them

[Costa] Well I hope so, if children are on the internet unattended, they could fall off and break a leg or something.

[Alex] We’ll I not sure that’s how being ON the internet works.

[Costa] Hey have you seen my baseball bat? I think Jimmy took it, he’s so mean.

[Alex] Is he really?

[Costa] Yeah, I tell you, he makes me so mad. I‘m making up a picture of him looking like a donkey and stick it up on my instagram

[Alex] Well that’s not very nice

[Costa] Yeah, well, he deserves it, he stuck a picture of me looking like a pig yesterday

[Alex] Oh did he.

[Costa] Yeah, he mustn’t have liked the picture I posted of him looking like a monkey on instagram   

[Alex] Now why would you do that?

[Costa] Well he posted a picture of me looking like a skunk

[Alex] Now wait a minute. Wait a minute. You’re replying to each others pictures in revenge?

[Costa] Yeah

[Alex] We’ll, isn’t that a little silly. When will it stop?

[Costa] I dunknow. When he says he’s sorry.

[Alex] Well now, maybe he’s waiting for YOU to say you’re sorry?

[Costa] We’ll I’m not saying sorry. Especially if he too my baseball bat

[Alex] You mean that one behind you?

[Costa] Oh… yeah.

[Alex] I think you two just need to stop, say you don’t like what the other person’s doing and apologize for what you’ve done. Then you could make some peace!

[Costa] Make some peace?

[Alex] Yes. And go play some baseball

[Costa] With Who?

[Alex] Naturally. And Jimmy too.

[Costa] What?

[Alex] Him too,

[Costa] I don’t know

[Alex] There, you’ve got the bases covered. So delete your mean picture, go say sorry, make some peace and play some ball.

[Costa] Yeah, ok. Thanks Alex.

[Alex] Well I’m sorry kids, we’ve run out of time to talk about peacemaking, and I’d better go watch this ball game and help people to play nice…. [ leaves screen but comes back quickly] Kinda like peacemaking I guess.


Sep 5, 2020

Father's Wish [a Father's Day video Skit]

 Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - Sept 5, 2020

Jul 25, 2020

Forgiving Welcome [church welcome for a srermon on Forgiveness]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - Jul 25, 2020

G'day, and welcome to our Castle Hill, Seventh-day Adventist Church, online service. 

Have you ever needed forgiveness?
Did you get it?
How did you feel when you knew you were forgiven?
or, How do you feel knowing someone still hasn't forgiven you?

And have you ever needed to forgive someone for something significant?
Was it hard to forgive them?
Or is there still someone you just can't bring yourself to forgive?

Do you think someone can do something so bad that forgiveness is never an option? Or is there always a possibility for forgiveness?

The experience giving and receiving forgiveness is different for everyone.
But what is the ultimate meaning of forgiveness?

Today we're excited to have Pastor Eddy Johnson exploring this topic a little later on.

But first, were going to have some music, praising our loving creator.

So, Whether this is your first time joining us, or if you're a long time family member of Castle Hill church, we're so glad you're watching, and it's our prayer that this presentation will be a blessing to you.

Jun 27, 2020

You're Invested [Skit for 'You're in' series part 4]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - June 27, 2020

Ian and Sam sit, side by side. In the center half of the camera view.

Ian and Sam take out an Up&Go and shake it, fairly synchronized.

An arm comes into frame on Ian’s side of the camera view, with ‘church’ written/stuck to the forearm. The hand is opened, as if asking specifically for the Up&Go.

Ian shakes the hand cautiously, and gives his Up&Go (having not opened it), and the hand takes it promptly out of shot, then reappears quickly and briefly with a thumbs up.

A hand now appears on Sam’s side, again with ‘Church’ written/stuck to the forearm. The hand is opened, as if asking specifically for the Up&Go.

Sam holds the drink tighter, slightly twisting away, a childish ‘mine’ kind of gesture, and drinks it.

The hand goes a little sad/limp, for a moment, then half leaves the shot, pauses for a second in disappointment, then completely leaves.

Sam looks energized after his drink. Ian does not in comparison.


Ian and Sam take out watches and prepare to put them on.

The arm returns to Ian, open and asking for the watch.

Ian shakes the hand, in a more complicated ‘cool’ sequence this time, then happily gives his watch, and the hand takes it promptly out of shot, then reappears briefly with a thumbs up.

A hand now re-appears on Sam’s side. The hand is opened, as if asking specifically for the watch.

Sam turns slightly and puts it on his own wrist.

The hand goes a little sad/limp, for a moment, then half leaves the shot, pauses for a second in disappointment, then completely leaves.

Sam looks at his watch smugly. Ian looks over to see the time on Sam’s watch, who does allow him to, but shakes their head and thinks Ian’s an idiot.


Ian and Sam take out a hand full of ten or so monopoly $20 notes each

The arm returns to Ian, open and asking for the cash.

Ian does a rather groovy hand shake sequence with the hand, and then gives all but a few of the notes and the hand takes it promptly out of shot, then reappears briefly with a thumbs up.

A hand now re-appears on Sam’s side. The hand is opened, as if asking specifically for the cash.

Sam hits the hand to shoo it away.

The hand slowly backs away and out of shot in one smooth retreating motion.

Sam puts the cash in his pocket. And grins. Ian, looks a little anxious, biting his lip, looking at his left over cash.




A single rising trumpet call is heard, “doo doo dee”, and both look surprised and alert.

Ian’s side hand comes back into frame, no longer with ‘’church’ label, and hands over two six packs of Up&Go’s, and once the drinks are taken leaves.

Sam looks on a little in shock.

Ian’s hand comes back into frame, and hands over a large wall clock and leaves.

Sam still looks on in disbelief.

Ian’s hand comes back into frame, and hands over an oversized Piggy bank with $500 notes poking out the top.

Sam is in total shock/amazement.

Ian’s hand comes back one more time, stretches out, a scar in the hand is now clearly visible to the camera, and it ‘asks’ to take him away, and holding hands, does so. Ian leaves out to the side.

Sam is left there for a moment, still in shock, and looking around to where Ian’s gone.

Then Sam’s side hand comes in, with no label but a Scar, asking for Sam’s hand, but Sam’s, given a little fright to see the hand, Sam’s impulse is to clutch his money and turns away again.

Jesus, hand leaves slowly, looking more open-tense-desperate the further out of shot it gets, twisting slightly – pleading to be grasped before it’s too late.

Sam too busy, with himself misses the invitation. Then moments later, looks at the watch, listens to it, shakes it, taps it, then looks up, straight at the camera scared. Sams time is up.


Jun 20, 2020

You're Influential [childrens story for 'You're in' series part 3]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - June 20, 2020

Hi Kids
Today we’re talking about influence
What does influence mean?
[read dictionary definition]
We built a roller coaster recently that has 20 loops in a row [picture]
We found that one loop had influence on the next loop, which had influence on the next loop, and so on.
If the roller coaster didn’t go around one loop fast enough, the train stopped on the next loop and didn’t make it any further.
Hey can we take a ride on the roller coaster?
Not yet, at the end.
Kids, you have influence on those close by you.
If you influence one friend, they can influence the next, who can influence the next, and the next and the next (and the next?) yes and the next, and the next, (and the next) yes and the next, and the next….
But what can you influence other with?
You could influence others to lie, or steal, bully others or even speak meanly to your parents, and then they could also start doing such things, and their friends, and their friends and their friends and their friends what a terrible world to live in.
But perhaps the greatest thing you can influence your friends with is love.
YES, if you love those around you, even if they’re mean to you, how much nicer would life be is EVERYONE was being loving to each other,
So we can do our bit to change the world simply by showing love to those around us. It’s not always easy, but you have influence, so it can start with you!
Ok, is it time to go on the roller coaster now?
Sure is, IF you get motion sick maybe get a bucket ready for this next bit, because we’re going loopy.

You're Influential ['You're in' skit series part 3]

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church Online service - June 20, 2020

There’s two doors right next to each other. One door has a sign at the top “Eternal Death” and the other door has “Eternal Life” at the top.

Florence stands in view, to the side, reading a Bible.

Someone walks by and straight through “eternal Death” door, without hesitation.

Florence doesn’t really notice much.

A second person goes in “Eternal Death’ door. Florence still doesn’t notice.

A third person goes in “Eternal Death’ door, this time Florence notices, and looks a little unsure of what the people are doing.

A fourth person goes into the “Eternal Death” door

Florence shows sadness, they are throwing their life away.

A fifth person goes through “Eternal Death” door

Florence has an idea. Pulls out a piece of paper, writes on it, (we can’t see what’s being written), then sticks it on the ‘Eternal Death’ door at eye view

We see the sign clearly reads “Use other door.” And has an arrow pointing to “Eternal Life” door’s direction.

Florence goes back to stand in original position

A sixth person comes, opens the ‘eternal Death’ door partially, but then takes a step back, reading the new sign, then goes in the “Eternal Life” door.

Florence smiles.

A seventh person, does the same thing, almost goes in Eternal Death’s door, sees the extra sign, and changes mind, uses ‘Eternal Life’ door.

Florence, big smile now, follows into the ‘Eternal Life’ door too.


(Optional: Florence writes “out of order” above their ‘Use other door” words, just before they go into Eternal Life door)


Scott Wegener holds the copyright to this piece, along with everything else on www.ScottPublished.com , but he may well let you use it elsewhere, just ask!
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