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Jul 22, 2017

First Birthdays

Performance: Sydney Adventist School Auburn
100 Year Anniversary Celebration
- July  22, 2017
Brief: A puppet play to fit in with the theme "we are made by God"

•    JOE: sensible, inquisitive
•    WALLACE: frivolous, know it all.
•    GRANDPA: kind, intelligent. (egg carton prop)

[Joe enters, whistling, glances at audience but keeps going, then freezes. Looks back at audience. Pans looking from side to side in amazement and calls out.]
JOE: Umm, Grandpa!
[Pa enters, looking at girl.]
Pa: Yes, Joe.
JOE: [whispers] There's a whole bunch of people here.
PA: [looks around] Oh, so there are.
JOE: Whyyyy?... It's a Saturday.
PA: Well, they're probably here for the birthday party.
JOE: [excited] Birthday!
PA: Yes, 100 years old.
JOE: [amazed] 100 years, wow.... none of them look that old. Except maybe that guy over there with the beard.
PA: No, it's not their birthday.
JOE: [jumps in quickly] Is it your birthday, grandpa? Wow didn't know your were 100!
PA: No, I'm not 100.
JOE: You're not? Well how much older are you? You don't look a day over 110!

Jul 1, 2017

WOP: Adventure With Jesus

WOP: Adventure With Jesus

Set in heaven each day, performed looking into audience as if they are earth.
Cast members :
  1. God: calm but loving in nature
  2. Gabe: excitable, worked up into a panic mostly
  3. Jesus: calm and loving also. Day 1, 5, 6.
  4. Mary and Joseph mimers: Day 1
  5. Angels :Day 2,4,5
  6. Satan: Day 5

1. Monday - Birth of a King

G: Jesus

J: Yes father

G: It’s time... for you to go to earth.

J: I know. I was hoping this day would never come, but I always knew it would.

G: Yes. At least it won’t be for too long.

J: Yes, I know, but after spending eternity with you, It’s going to be hard to be away from you for the first time.

G: It’s the only way we can save them.

J: Yes I know, I’m happy to go. I’ll do anything to have the humans able to come home to us,

G: Yes! I love them so much too. We have to free them from the world turned evil by Satan.
J: So much pain and death there. It hurts so much.

G: Yes… and you're about to…..

J: I know… I’m about to experience it... just as the Humans do.

May 13, 2017

Parenting Made Eeasy: How to behave like a mother

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - May 13, 2017
Brief: A mother's day skit drama

[Presenter] Welcome to chapter 14 of Parenting made easy: How to behave like a Mother.
We hope you enjoyed the previous chapter on how to give birth to twins while stuck in Pennant Hillls Rd traffic... and still make it to work on time.
In this chapter we’re discussing ideal behaviour to exhibit once you become a mother.
(sweetly) After the honeymoon nine-months come to an end, where your child was conceived...

ALL MUMS: Oh La La! (cheeky)

[Presenter] ...and you had 8 and four quarter months of glowing skin...

ALL MUMS: Blaaahhhhh! (spew)

[Presenter] ...and your child was brought effortlessly into the world...


Apr 15, 2017

The Operator

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - April 15, 2017

Brief: Jesus love is for eternity

Guy sitting on right side of stage - only heard out of right speaker, girl on left side heard in left speaker. An Operator is out of sight and is voice-over only

Boy: Hello, operator?

Operator: Hello Stephen, how may I help you tonight, would you like to be connected through to one, nine, seven, eight again?

Boy: Yes please!

Operator:  Certainly, one moment, please hold

[phone rings for girl]
Girl: Hello?

Operator:  I have a young man wanting to talk with you again, shall I connect you?"

Girl: Oh, yes please!

Operator:  Connecting now, enjoy

 [ begins mushy love-struck conversation ] 

Girl: Hello Steve

Boy: Hi Bec, what cha doin?

Girl: Nothing,... thinking about you. 

Boy: Me to.... I love you, snookums.

Girl: I love you too, schmoopsy.

Microscopic God

Performance: Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church - April 15, 2017
Brief: Jesus sacrificing to become human (Easter/Christmas theme)

[Music is a slowed down edited mix of "Any other name" with a big sub woofer sweep in the middle]

[music starts] Dad Scientist walks out and sits and looks through microscope, focusing it.
[First piano notes then] Pulls away for a moment as if just seen a sad view. 

[Second piano notes] Calls out dejectedly: "Son"

In walks another scientist and is invited to look in microscope - does so, kind of knowing what he's about to see but hoping it isn't true. After a few moments pulls away and shakes head slowly in sadness and says "and we made them so perfect."

Mar 18, 2017

The Thankful Leper

Performance: Ignite, Primary Sabbath School, Sydney Olympic Park - March 18, 2017
Brief: n interactive children's story on the 10 Lepers with the key point about being thankful.

Good morning Boys and Girls, I’m going to get your help telling a story this morning.

This is a story that happened not really that long ago, and is told to us in the Bible.

Who here has heard of the Bible? Who here has got a Bible at home?

Well, this story from the Bible is a little bit yucky. A little bit festering. A little bit scabby.

This story is about 10 people who had skin diseases. In the Bible times, when people had a skin disease, do you know what they called it? LLL...

Leap frog? Leopard Cheese?


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