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Dec 20, 2014

In Heaven Tonight LIVE: Christmas Edition

Brief: A Christmas service drama without an obvious sermon.
Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - December 20, 2014

In Heaven Tonight LIVE is a talk show like David Letterman where a presenter sits behind a desk and has celebrity guests that are light heatedly interviewed.

A desk is on the right side of stage with a guest chair/s or couch at centre of stage.

Jokes, free-flowing, but generally scripted, and fast paced - each guest has some fun but also some thought provoking concepts discussed (making this more than mere entertainment)

Set in Heaven, so there are retrospective questions of what happened on earth, as well as discussion about what they are up to in heaven.

- This is a ‘Christmas’ edition which has characters from the Christmas story of Jesus birth - the final guest being the biggest ‘sermon’ content of the production (written by Pr Rob Steed) This production covers an entire church service.

You could also have posters in the foyer, notes in the bulletin or video promos in the weeks before hand. Have a mug on the table with the logo glued to it.

Dec 13, 2014

Christmas Made Easy: Carols Programs

Brief: A Christmas drama (with a BIG finish).
Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church Carols Program - December 13, 2014

[Presenter] Welcome to chapter five of Christmas Made Sasy, I’m your host, Ray Martin.
In this chapter we’re discussing how to run a successful Christmas carols program.

One of the simplest ways to build the ambience of your carols program is by adding Christmas lights. But make sure you don’t overload the power board by using too many lights.

[Assistant 1] Walks in while presenter is talking, is all tangled up in lights and, as kneeling down at back of stage, a camera flash and party popper goes off after presenter finishes paragraph. Assistant walks off waving hand as if clearing smoke.

Dec 1, 2014

Santa 2.0

Scott Wegener polishes his resume for a job application that is out of this world.
Signs of the TimesDecember 2014

I saw a job advertisement for a Santa Claus the other day. I thought that strange. I mean, if I were immortal, had magical abilities and the satisfying role of bringing cheer to children around the world every year, why would I ever retire?
Has the online shopping trend negatively impacted on Santa too? Or is the mixture of cold and having to contort in and out of chimneys too much for an old man’s arthritis?

Nov 15, 2014

The Last Cast (Tribute to Bruce Manners)

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - November 15, 2014
A skit on the topic of Stephen - God choosing an unlikely 'hero', AND a nod to this being Pr Bruce Manners final sermon before he retires. 

The room is divided into 6 speakers:
L1 and R1 roof speakers, L2 and R2 front ground level, L3 and R3 back balcony speakers.

Screen shows DVD, with audio playing through L1 & R1 speakers. On screen says: “Guardian Angel Communication Channel [Connecting]”
Hear dial-up internet connection sounds and then cut into pre-recorded voices...

Oct 11, 2014

Where are you God?

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - October 11, 2014,
Castle Hill
Seventh-day Adventist Church - February 19, 2017
A moving drama on the topic "Where is God when things go wrong".
Covers the topics of why bad things happen to good people, why god doesn't answer prayer, if God is so loving why does he allow pain and suffering, the great controversy and doubt.

Set to the music of Greig's The Death of Ase
If you haven't 4 praying actors, divide the remaining prayers with the actors you do have, minimum 2, but keep the timing to the music.

Play the track (without the pause and edit): 

Act I 

(Before a sermon on "Where is God when things go wrong")

[Music stanza 1]

Parent enters, pauses, takes a deep breath, looks at their phone and slowly goes and sits almost centre of stage. Worried, checking phone, holding head.

Sep 6, 2014

The Father 5000

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - September 6, 2014
A fun drama skit on the theme Father's Day.

[Presenter] As most of you are aware by now, tomorrow is Father’s Day. Unfortunately, for various reasons, there are many people who don’t have a loving father. But be assured. . . you do have a loving Father in heaven who is waiting for you. But until then, for those who just can’t wait until we get to heaven, we would like to introduce the latest and greatest father replacement technology money can buy - the Father 5000!!!!

Aug 2, 2014

Got Jesus at the Heart?

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - August 2, 2014
A short skit on the theme of the acronym H.O.P.E.

(Note: This drama is essentially a squeal to the Got Love skit, and the 'whistle' reference is in relation to the  Major Encouragement skits.)

Mum and Scott walk in, Girl on stage seated already reading a My Edge Mag.

[Mum] Oh wonderful, we've beaten the Jones! Go take a seat down the front, where everyone will be able to see my new coat. I'll go see if there's any bread left over in the hall...

[Scott] Yes mum

[Scott sits, starts reading a bulletin, mutters to self] Hope. H. O. P. E.  OK?  H. H is for hospitality. Hospitality. Right. How can I be hospitalityish? Well, mum always says to offer our guests a drink, guess I could to that.

[Scott looks at Girl] Hi.........Wanna drink?

[Girl] Oh... ok, sure.

[Scott mutters] Great, now I need to get up go all the way out and grab a drink. I probably lose my seat. It was just getting warm too. She could have brought a drink bottle. How hard it is to bring a drink bottle. “Here you go”.

Aug 1, 2014

Snort Funny

Faced with impending death by laughter, Scott Wegener pulls an emergency release valve. 
Signs of the Times, August 2014

What best describes your laugh?
When someone slips on a banana peel, do you release small machine gun busts of laughter, or do you sound like a hysterical turkey? Maybe you’re a giggler, or perhaps you let off a series of rhythmic booms? Or maybe the only evidence you’re having a laugh is the Morse code of air being expelled out your nose. Then again, you could be dangerously at the top of the laughter tree – a snorter.
I read somewhere* that the existence of snorting in laughter actually prevents the human race from total annihilation!

Jul 19, 2014

Happy Sabbath Days

Here's a parody of the Happy Days TV show theme song I put together for SabbathIdeas.org .
The video was put together quickly, with two friends playing/singing all the parts, so it's a little rough, but it was a bunch of fun and you get the message.

Happy Sabbath Days Lyrics:

Sunday, Monday, happy days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, happy days,
Thursday, Friday, happy days,
Saturday, the Sabbath day,
There's so much you can't do!

Jul 1, 2014

Survival of the Fittest

 Scott Wegener ponders why it is that some people choose a "torturous" life over one more comfortable.
Signs of the Times, July 2014

What is it that entices hundreds of men to ride a bicycle some 3500 kilometres over towering mountains in a jostling peloton at skin-grazing speeds in just 21 days (also known as the Tour de France)? My posterior is aching just thinking about it!
Or what about choosing to run 42 kilometres without stopping for a breather, whatever the weather may be (also known as a marathon)? If a cranky rhinoceros was chasing me, I’d have a crack at it, but for now, my legs begin to wobble at the mere thought!

Jun 28, 2014

Major Encouragement

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - June 28, 2014
A short set of skits on the theme of Encouragement.

[To take part scattered throughout the 'preliminaries' of church]

Major Encouragement is dressed in uniform and does not speak, but makes a whistle for every action he does. He is serious and intense about his role of encouraging people. He encourages people by giving a loud whistle and making a strong arm/fist across his chest as a symbol of strength - his "Encouragement call". He also has a sign-off each time, which consists of a salute that turns into a thumbs up and a wink, before he exits.

Part 1: Live Skit

May 1, 2014

The Other Day

Scott Wegener on the days of the year.

How lovely is Mothers day. It’s a wonderful time where red textas are drained onto home-made cards and huge quantities of soap bars are sold – some smelling so strong that one curious sniff from poor Fido will instantly paralyse his back legs in the fully extended position.

We have mothers and fathers days, perhaps only less celebrated than Christmas day and our birthdays. But there are all sorts of less celebrated days during the year. There’s grandparents day’s, children’s day, Aunty and uncles day, Cousin day, pets day and, wait for it, ex-spouse day and mother-in-law day (Augh-ha! Now I see where the demand for strong soap come from!)

Apr 19, 2014

RISEN: Death could not hold him

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - April 19, 2014
A full-length Easter focused drama program which includes the audience communion service.

Setting: A large white 'sheet screen' hangs mid way back on the stage, above it is a projector screen.
If you have enough distance behind the sheet you could also project background images of the initial scenes on the 'sheet screen' from behind. A low table is set with for the last supper. Other disciples and guards can be added for a fuller effect.

1.  The Greatest Entrance (1min)

Lights fade down to 25%, Upper room setting on screen.
Disciples enter behind audience, arguing loudly and walking down the aisle to the front.

[Peter] You have to be joking, John, there is no way Jesus will put YOU in charge of the armies, you couldn’t win an arm wrestle with the assistance of an ox.

[John] Oh Peter, you may have the strength of an ox, but you’ve got the intelligence of one too! Jesus knows you need brains, not brawn to lead an army.

[Judas] Augh, you two can have your legions of soldiers. Just remember to wipe your feet when you come into my palace.

[Peter] Your palace?

[Judas] Well, as the responsible one around here, Jesus will no doubt make ME custodian of the palace.

[Peter]  Judas, there’s no way you’ll be custodian.

Jesus walks down the aisle.

[Judas] [whispers loudly] Shhh, He’s coming.

[Jesus] I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. For I tell you I will not eat it again until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.

2.       Foot Washing / Last Supper

<Speaker talks about the Passover/footwashing while the acting continues.> (2min)
Actors recline silently.
Jesus stands up from the table, lays aside his outer garment, and ties a towel around his waist. Jesus pours water into a basin and begins to wash a disciple’s feet and to wipe them with the towel that is wrapped around him.

Mar 29, 2014

Church Hospitality Made Easy 5: Deepening Relationships

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - March 29, 2014
A short drama to match a sermon about deepening relationships.

[Presenter] Welcome to the final chapter of Church Hospitality made easy, I’m your host, Ray Martin.
In this chapter we’re discussing how to deepen a relationship after you have made friends with someone through hospitality.

It’s easy to maintain a friendship and never connect any deeper than at a surface level.

[Member 1] How about the weather

[Presenter] True friendship is evident when you’re able to talk to your friends about their deep feelings

[Member 1] Hey, who do you think is cuter, Justin Bieber or Harry Styles?

Mar 22, 2014

Church Hospitality Made Easy 4: Community Interaction

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - March 22, 2014
A short drama to match a sermon about church members interacting with community members.
[Presenter] Welcome to chapter 413 of Church Hospitality made easy.  I’m your host, Ray Martin.
In this chapter we’re discussing how to create hospitality opportunities with your friends in the community.

There’s a variety of ways you can interact with your friends outside the church in a hospitable way.

For example, you can organise to go shopping together.

[Member 1] Hey wanna come shopping?
[Visitor agrees and is happy, starts to walk behind exiting Member 1]

[Presenter] But you may need to be opened to visiting a wider assortment of shops than you’re used to.

[Member 1] First we’ll go to the ABC, then to Word, followed by Koorong - if we’re lucky they’ll have restocked the Gather bargain bins. 
[Visitor looks puzzled and returns to centre of stage while member 2 leaves]

Mar 15, 2014

Church Hospitality Made Easy 3: Hugging

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - March 15, 2014
Brief: A short drama to match the sermon topic: hugging verses preaching.

[Presenter] Welcome to chapter 43 of Church Hospitality made easy, I’m your host, Ray Martin.
In this chapter we’re discussing the different methods of hugging in church.
Traditionally, a church is a great place to go to be preached at. Whether it’s on Bible prophecy,

[Minister] So if you multiply these numbers, carry the 4 and read it backwards, you’ll find adequate evidence the seven trumpets will play their song in the key of F#.

Mar 8, 2014

Church Hospitality Made Easy 2: Stopping from Leaving

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - March 8, 2014
Brief: A short drama to match a sermon bout keeping people in the church through hospitality.

[Presenter is at main pulpit. A row of 3 chairs are on stage facing the audience. Member 1 and 2 are seated on the ends, visitor in the middle]
[Presenter] Welcome to chapter 14 of Church Hospitality made easy, I’m your host, Ray Martin.
In this chapter we’re talking about how to keep people from leaving church through hospitality.

There are many ways to prevent members from leaving the church, such as using the art of infinite conversation to deny any opportunity for someone to leave.

[Member 2] Hi, great service wasn’t it, did you like it, I liked it, do how was your week, mine was terrible, let me tell you all about it.

[Presenter] Another method is to never open any windows to provide oxygen to the brain during long sermons, preventing rational decision making.

Mar 1, 2014

Church Hospitality Made Easy 1: After Church

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - March 1, 2014
Brief: A short drama introducing the concept of Hospitality in the local church.

[Presenter is at main pulpit. A row of 3 chairs are on stage facing the audience. Member 1 and 2 are seated on the ends, visitor in the middle]

[Presenter] Welcome to chapter 4 of Church Hospitality Made Easy, in this chapter we’re talking about how to be hospitable towards visitors AFTER a church service.

[Member 1 & 2 stand, Visitor copies soon after, not knowing they were meant to stand at that moment]
[Presenter] When a church service has ended, and the speaker of the day has left the stage. . .

[Member 1 & 2 say "AMEN" and sit, Visitor copies soon after, not knowing they were meant to sit at that moment]

[Presenter]  ...do not simply launch into frivolous talk with your friends . . .

[ Member 1 leans over Visitor to talk to Member 2, ] So anyway, you’ll never guess what I heard the pastor bought AND ate at Mc Donald’s this week.

Feb 15, 2014

Pick Me!

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - February 15, 2014
Brief: A short drama on the topic of  how Jesus noticed and ministered to the outcasts, the misfits and those in trouble. And set us an example to do the same.

[a row of 4 chairs, with an isle in the middle, simulating a train. Train sound fx throughout, empty train station image on the screen ]
[ train arrives]

A rough looking, 'homeless' person enters the train and sits on one side.

A obvious Bible holding person runs up and enters the train carrying a Bible, they ALMOST sit next to the homeless person, but realises 'just in time' to avoid and go sit on the opposite side of the train.

Jesus steps 'onto' the train. The Bible reader sees and gets all excited, clearing the spare seat next to them and dusting it off.
Jesus smiles and acknowledges as if to sit with them, but at the last minute sees the homeless person, and chooses to sit with them.

Feb 1, 2014

The Fisher

Performance: Lilydale Seventh-day Adventist Church - February 1, 2014
The brief given to Scott: A short play on how Jesus attended some not so spiritual places seeking the lost. He was there not condemning but waiting opportunity to minister to the sinner, rather than condemning them.

On the screen is an island beach front on the left, with a signs post with "night club, pub, casino, brothel" all pointing onto the island. On the right of the image is the ocean. Techo music, flashing lights and drunken laughter comes out the left side door – as if there’s an outrageous party raging on the island.
If possible, there is blue material connecting the left and right of stage, about a meter high, or on the flow draped over any stage edge.

After a few moments of the music, now out of the right side room pokes the front of a cardboard boat (behind and above the 'water curtain') Alternatively, the boat could have been sitting there already, and Jesus just walks into view 'in' the boat.

Jan 30, 2014

Get the Edge

A commercial I made for a church youth magazine, My EDGE Mag,  which won me a cash prize :)


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